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Knife Warr's merchandise offers a wide range of products. From the self-defense to the decorative.

  • Self-Defense

    Our self-defense products includes but is not limited to: pocket knives, fixed blades, pepper spray and stun guns.

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  • Everything In Between

    Our array of products is a vast range that fits your wants and needs. Even when those wants and needs do not fit in to a particular catagory or are difficult to aquire. We are here to help you procure what you want. Feel free to contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

  • Decorative

    Our decorative products are of a large vartity that includes but is not limited to: an assortment of different collections of pocket knives, fixed blades, swords, and more.

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Make sure you take a look at our HANDMADE woodworking products.

Each of our wood working products are HANDMADE and made to order so to fufil your reqierments.

Here is a few of our collections of HANDMADE wood working products.

We have a varity of handmade knives.

Make sure to check them out

Below are just a few of our wide range of products.

Butterfly Knives

HANDMADE Wooden Flags

These are just a few of our HANDMADE Wooden Flags

Hunting Knives

Medieval Swords

Coin Holder Flags

Make sure to check out all of our products and collections.

We are here to help you procure what you need and want. Contact us with any questions or concerns.